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Saft - Lithium Primary and Rechargeable Battery Systems for Defense Applications

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Saft is the world’s leading designer, developer and manufacturer of advanced technology batteries for industrial and defense applications. The Group is the world’s leading manufacturer of primary lithium batteries for the electronics and defense industries, as well as Europe’s leading supplier of specialized advanced technology batteries for defense and space applications.

Battery power is a crucial factor in the success of defense missions. Whatever size equipment or weapon, power or energy demand, or length or intensity of the mission, Saft has a battery solution.

Light-weight, reliable and safe batteries for portable military applications

Today’s mobile armed forces require completely autonomous and reliable battery power for electronic battlefield equipment. Demands for more power, longer duration and increased strength must not compromise soldier maneuverability and safety. Saft is a single-source provider of lightweight, compact, robust and proven solutions. Our response is to coordinate power storage, electrical systems and charging into autonomous units with easy operation.

Military battery needs are varied and demanding; therefore Saft supplies a wide range of technologies to meet any scenario, with three different primary lithium technologies – Li-SO2, Li-SOCl2 and Li-MnO2 – and rechargeable Li-ion. These technologies can be configured into optimized systems, providing many benefits to the end-user:

  • High energy density: the most energy for size and volume
  • Long operating life
  • High rate capability
  • Lightweight: for improved agility
  • No voltage delay: instant power, even following long storage
  • Versatility of missions: same batteries for low and high temperature
  • Long storage life: simple logistics
  • Safety: no toxic compounds or heavy metals – hermetically sealed
  • Reliability: security and survival

With these benefits, Saft’s lithium technology effectively meets the demands of a wide range of portable battlefield applications such as radio communications, thermal imaging equipment, global positioning systems, chemical agent monitoring, mine detectors, and many more.

Power and energy for weapons systems and military ground vehicles

Unmanned and manned vehicles and weapons rely on sophisticated battery systems for propulsion and control to achieve their mission objectives. These battery systems are needed to deliver critical power for complex strategic defense installations while maintaining safe operation in the system. Saft’s Li-ion technology is fielded and proven in the Improved Target Acquisition System (ITAS) for the US Army’s TOW Missile. The high energy batteries power the surveillance, target acquisition and fire control system on ITAS and were a replacement for silver-zinc technology, offering significant savings in weight and life-cycle costs. Saft has delivered more than 2,500 batteries for this program.

For military vehicles, Saft’s Li-ion technology is unmatched in performance. Compared to lead acid, Saft’s Li-ion technology has significant advantages including higher power to weight ratio, longer life, and ability to communicate with the vehicle’s electronic systems. In both manned and unmanned military ground vehicles, Saft’s Li-ion battery systems offer the reliability and ruggedness need to start the vehicles in extreme environmental conditions without fail, meanwhile providing power to the vehicle for extended periods of time while the engine is turned off. Saft’s Li-ion batteries have also been successfully demonstrated in a variety of hybrid electric military ground vehicles, providing power for the engine start, propulsion, regenerative breaking, on-board electronics and extended silent watch missions.

Innovative battery solutions for emerging military applications

Armies are developing a new concept to increase soldier mobility. Each individual soldier on the battlefield will carry a number of portable features such as a global positioning system, night-vision goggles and a communication system in addition to their personal weapon. These features will increase efficiency and survival probability, provided that they can carry a safe, reliable power source that does not limit mobility in terms of speed and range. Faced with these application challenges, Saft has developed a range of primary lithium batteries (the LS, LSH, LST, LSX, LO, G and LM ranges) and rechargeable Li-ion batteries based on the MP (prismatic) and VL (cylindrical) cells.

Armies are also working to develop a new generation of directed energy weapons and electromagnetic defense systems, including lasers, rail guns and electric armor, which require large amounts of electrical power at short intervals or pulses. For these applications, sophisticated battery systems are the only solution for providing the power necessary to take these systems from the lab and into the field. Saft has developed a range of very high power (VHP) and ultra high power (UHP) Li-ion batteries that deliver the pulsed power these systems need to perform effectively.

Not just batteries – full systems capabilities

Saft goes beyond providing batteries – we provide full systems. Saft is an expert in manufacturing and integrating these systems to include electronics and monitoring for superior safety and performance. In fact, safety is built into every part of the battery, from the cell to the module to the final packaged system. We work closely with our defense customers to ensure that the battery system provided is compatible with the application and meets rigid safety requirements.

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