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Battery and Charger Solutions for Military and Security Markets

Denchi Power

Denchi Power manufactures primary and secondary batteries across a broad range of industries for markets requiring high-reliability products.

Typical applications include military radios, night-visions goggles, autonomous systems (land, sea and air) and military vehicles.

Batteries and chargers for the dismounted soldier and portable electronics

Modern infantry soldiers carry a wide range of portable electronics equipment that require battery power, including radios, GPS systems and night-vision goggles.

Denchi supplies a range of battery SMART / SM Bus products for these applications including the BB2590. Portable lightweight chargers are an essential piece of equipment for the dismounted soldier and Denchi supplies the soldier -portable charger (SPC) to meet this need.

The firm also supplies central energy storage (CES) devices, which are batteries that have their own integral charger, which allow simultaneous re-charging whilst powering equipment.

Soldiers also require lightweight chargers to take out with them on patrol to recharge batteries in the field. Denchi's products provide rugged and durable power for communication and auxiliary equipment. With both primary and re-chargeable battery products, the firm ensures the modern soldier is fully equipped with the latest advances in power management.

Lithium-ion batteries for military vehicles

Denchi supplies 6T Lithium-ion batteries for military vehicles that provides an engine start and silent watch capability for military vehicles

The firm also provides a range of vehicle-mounted chargers and smaller, auxiliary batteries used predominantly for silent watch.

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are also being increasingly used in within the military sector. Batteries are used for propulsion on smaller platforms and emergency backup on larger platforms. Denchi is experienced in supplying batteries for this application.

Batteries for UUVs and UGVs

Military and commercial unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs), also called autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs), are used for a range of missions, including mine detection, reconnaissance, pipeline inspection and surveying.

The battery is used for propulsion and Denchi has been supplying batteries into this market for more than a decade.

Military unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) are mainly used for mine / improvised explosive device (IED) detection, mine / IED disposal and reconnaissance. In the commercial sector they are often used for inspection in dangerous environments, including nuclear reactors.

Custom-designed batteries and chargers

Denchi has a long history of working with clients when designing batteries for specific applications.

Denchi Power's clients include General Dynamics, BAE Systems, Lockheed Martin, Ultra Electronics, Selex ES, and the UK Ministry of Defence.

Through its highly educated and experienced team members, Denchi Power has remained at the forefront of technological development, including the introduction of SMART battery and charger electronics.

The broad spectrum of expertise required to develop all of Denchi Power's products such as electrochemistry, analogue and digital electronics, mechanical engineering, and its product design creates an innovative and stimulating environment.

The firm also provides support services, such as repair and overhaul of damaged equipment, spare parts and obsolescence management.

Denchi Power's services often include an ongoing requirement to evaluate new technology, with the aim to enhance in service products.

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