Systematic Military Situational Awareness, Messaging and EW Data Management Software

Systematic is an independent software company that provides scalable software products, services and projects for defence forces, security organisations and systems integrators.

The company is redefining IT procurement with its off-the-shelf command and control (C2), situational awareness, military messaging and Electronic Warfare data management software.

In addition, Systematic provides training, consultancy and integration services in these highly specialised fields. Working internationally with local partners, Systematic delivers cost-effective solutions worldwide to, not only the defence sector, but also to healthcare, intelligence and national security customers. Systematic is certified at CMMI Level 5.

Situational awareness software

The SitaWare Suite is a fully scalable C2 and Situational Awareness software solution that fulfils core requirements straight out of the box. This means it is easy to procure and rapidly deployable.

Its open architecture and adherence to international standards means SitaWare can be rapidly integrated with a wide range of other C2 hardware and software. If needed, SitaWare can also be customised to any special requirements.

All SitaWare products comply with the MIP (Multilateral Interoperability Programme) standard for data exchange, making them the ideal backbone for future-compatible information management systems in military and security organisations.

The SitaWare suite uses the same core functionalities at all levels, ensuring seamless integration, right from top-level multinational HQs to the individual vehicle and soldier:

  • SitaWare Headquarters
  • SitaWare Headquarters WebCOP
  • SitaWare Headquarters Portal
  • SitaWare Headquarters C2 Server
  • SitaWare Headquarters Track Server
  • SitaWare Frontline

Military messaging software

The IRIS Suite of military messaging software ensures a high degree of reliable interoperability between different military organisations and systems. With more than 100,000 users in over 40 countries, the IRIS software framework is now the de facto standard for military messaging.

IRIS Standards Management software provides organisations with a central tool to define, manage and analyse information exchange standards, ensuring data can be moved from one system to another.

The IRIS suite includes tools that ensure messaging data is compliant with the constantly evolving Nato and US MTF (military text format) standards.

IRIS software ensures information is consistently managed on the basis of organisational structures, tasks, roles and ranks. It also provides the messaging infrastructure to allow C2 systems to automatically process the information received in the form of reports and messages, so that this constant flow of new data can be combined and displayed on maps and other visual platforms.

The IRIS range currently consists of:

  • IRIS Forms and IRIS WebForms
  • IRIS Forms SDK and IRIS Forms Server
  • IRIS Organisational Messaging
  • IRIS Information Mapping
  • IRIS Standards Management

EW data management for military organisations

EWare is an off-the-shelf software product that provides military organisations with a powerful tool for the day-to-day management and updating of EW mission-critical data. It is specifically designed for the reliable processing of electronic warfare data, so it can be passed on smoothly and rapidly to front-line units, to help them take the right tactical decisions.

The software provides a centralised framework for configuring customised data libraries for uploading into many different types of equipment, tailored to the geography of any planned mission. Outputs include data for ESM equipment, loading of pre-flight briefings and configuring mission data sets for each operating unit.

EWare is designed to accept data inputs from a full spectrum of possible sources - from the public domain, from classified information and from operations. Intercepts of as-yet unidentified data are rapidly analysed, collated and placed within a consistent structure, so key information can be made available to those who need it.

Edge Android-based battle management system

SitaWare Edge is an Android based battle management system for the dismounted commander at the tactical edge. Designed for operational simplicity it provides the commander with fast and clear friendly force tracking (FFT) picture, shared tactical situation and latest intelligence overlays thereby enhancing force protection. With the ability to exchange Command Layers, complex manoeuvres can be quickly illustrated on the map and shared with subordinates via tactical data communication, thus saving valuable voice time and speeding up operation execution.

Frontline situational awareness

SitaWare Frontline is a breakthrough in battle management software that offers clarity, simplicity and high-performance that addresses real world C2 challenges at the frontline.

It is designed for frontline commanders in tough environments, where a clear operational view with rapid updates of friendly force tracking (FFT) is absolutely essential, and has been built with deployment and management in mind.

The software has a unique two-part design: a user application containing the battle management system, and a vehicle application which interfaces with existing communications equipment, onboard management systems and sensors. This enables users to plan and execute missions in both static and mobile environments, easily implement change of location of command and, if necessary, quickly destroy mission data in an emergency; while the separate vehicle application simplifies both the installation and upgrading of the vehicle software.

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Dismounted Commander Solution 23 June 2014 The dismounted commander operating in the modern, complex, dangerous and high-intensive battlefield needs all available information at hand to support his time critical decision making progress, to minimise the risk of collateral damage and to increase force protection - not only for allied troops, but also for the civilian population.


Ready-to-Use Command Post 23 June 2014 The need to rapidly deploy an operations centre is becoming increasingly common, whether it's for combat, humanitarian missions, emergency response or internal security.


Forward Air Controller Solution 23 June 2014 The forward air controller (FAC) operating in the modern, complex, dangerous and high-intensive battlefield needs all the available assets to support his procedures and his communication and coordination with pilots.


Battle Management 26 October 2011 SitaWare Frontline is a step forward in battle management software that has been developed together with military commanders returning from Afghanistan to address real world C2 challenges. It has been specifically designed for troops operating in tough environments, where a clear operational view with rapid updates of friendly forces, enemy positions and the latest plan of action is absolutely essential.