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Founded in 1996, Winmate Communication is an international leading industrial solution provider with excellence in LCD, embedded computer and mobile technologies. The company's headquarters, research and development facility (R&D) and two production lines are located in Taipei, Taiwan.

For excellent customer service and continual growth, we have long-term partners throughout Europe, North and South America, in addition to Winmate sales and service offices in North America and China. Winmate has expanded its product line from industrial displays and touch screens to include digital signage, embedded panel PCs and rugged and mobile tablet PCs and handheld devices. In particular, Winmate focuses on solutions in niche markets like mobile applications, marine, military, logistics, GIS and medical fields.

Mobile rugged tablets

Winmate entered the mobile rugged tablets and handhelds market in 2007, and since then we have developed an excellent mobile profile with extensive experience in software development (OS, BIOS, drivers and firmware), and hardware development (board-level design, module integration, rugged housing and material, thermal solutions, RF/EMI solutions and display panel/touch solutions).

For OS, Winmate currently offers various platforms, such as Windows CE 6.0, Windows embedded handheld 6.5, and Android 4.2 with ARM processors and Windows XP/7/8 with x 86 processors. Combining previous experience with touch panel PCs, Winmate is particularly strong in display panel selection, high brightness enhancement, transreflective sunlight readable technology and touch solutions in projective capacitive, resistive touch.

Military-grade tablet PC

Winmate's military-grade tablet PC series is designed for military outdoor applications. With a full range of CPU, from Intel Atom to Intel 'Bay Trail' quad-core, Winmate's rugged tablet PC series is an ideal tool to work in the field. By implementing the latest technology such as IPS panel, fanless design and flexible expansion to all kinds of wireless communication, our tablet PC can be used in the toughest outdoor environments.

Rugged handheld with MIL-STD

Winmate offers a rugged handheld with Android, Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 or Windows CE 6.0 platforms. The Winmate rugged handheld is designed to operate in -20°C to 60°C temperature conditions, is highly resistant to transit shock and vibration, can withstand 4ft drop free to concrete surface and is also IP67 fully sealed against dust and spray of water. The product range includes the E430M2 Winmate 4.3in rugged handheld with 1GHz dual-core cortex A9 processor.

Vehicle-mount computers for heavy-duty vehicles

The FM08 and FM10 Vehicle-mount Computer share the same system and docking modules, only differing in screen size and keypad display.

The FM08 allows flexible navigation via the GFG resistive touch screen, readily accessible programmable function keys, and separate QWERTY and numeric keypads. This vehicle-mount computer is built to endure the rigors of the warehouse, and designed to fit seamlessly into forklift and other heavy duty vehicles.

Military-grade panel PC and computers

Winmate's proven military-grade console display / panel PC product series exceeds the rugged requirements for military operations and environments. Winmate's military-grade panel PC and computers are fully qualified by environment testing of MIL-STD 810G and MIL-461 qualifications, which enables our product series to operate against extreme conditions (temperature, shock, vibration, humidity and EMI).

Winmate's military-grade rugged console panel PC provides anti-corrosion housing, fanless design and military-grade power connector. In addition to this, the rugged design display enhances the front cover with ITO coating glass or a touch screen for less electromagnetic interference. The product line also supports five-wired resistive touch for easy control.

Marine-grade panel PC and computers

Winmate marine products are built and tested according to DNV standard certification 2.4, IEC60945 and IACS-E10, and most of the products are certified by Det Norske Veritas (DNV), the Norwegian foundation that certifies international materials, components and system relevant to the safe operation and quality of ships.

Since maritime applications have a wide range of display size requirements, Winmate offers our RUGMATE marine panel PC with screens ranging in size from 8.4in to 19in. Marine-grade computers may also encounter various lighting situations, and so most display sizes are available either with transflective screen technology or high brightness technology.

Rugged computing solutions designed and tested for military application

Winmate strives to meet and exceed customer satisfaction through innovative technology and operational excellence. Our capabilities to optimise engineering design flow dynamically and utilise our deep experience in building rugged embedded and mobile solutions highlights WInmate's dedication to innovation.

To achieve high standards of product ruggedness and reliability, Winmate has invested heavily into establishing a state-of-the-art testing facility. Our in-house capability includes vibration tests, free drop tests, thermal and dry heat tests, and also EMC and EMI tests, allowing Winmate to achieve high standards of product reliability and ruggedness with the shortest possible product development cycle.

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