Swebor Ballistic Protection Steels and Armour for Military Applications


Swebor armour is used in a wide range of protection applications for the military industry.

It features high-quality ballistic protection properties in combination with a high level of hardness and strength, as well as easy handling. A test must be performed for each application to verify actual ballistic protection properties.

Swebor armour comprises ballistic protection, fabrication, availability and pricing, and is ideal for bulletproofing material.

Ballistic protection armour for defence operations

Swebor’s armour comprises low-alloyed ballistic protection steels available in 400HB-600HB hardness and thicknesses of 2mm-40mm. Low carbon and manganese content, comprised with its controlled heating, rolling and cooling sequences gives Swebor armour a combination of hardness, high-strength, weldability, bendability, ballistic protection ability and multi-hit capability.

Ballistic protection steel grades include:

  • Swebor Armour 370 blast protection steel
  • Swebor Armour 440 blast protection steel
  • Swebor Armour 500 high hard (HH) steel
  • Swebor Armour 550B extra-high hard (EHH) steel
  • Swebor Armour 560 extra-high hard (EHH) steel
  • Swebor Armour 600 ultra-high hard (UHH) steel

Abrasion-resistant wear plates for high-demand applications

Swebor abrasion-resistant wear plates are designed to withstand challenging conditions, as well as applications where efficient weld ability and strength are required.

The Swebor 400 is used within high-demand, wear-resistant applications such as waste removal equipment, cement trucks, mining and agricultural machine wearing parts, mining truck bodies and loader buckets. The Swebor 400 can utilise thinner dimensions and a lower general vehicle weight to empower expanded payloads.

Engineering and environmental work

Swebor provides engineering specifications according to client requirements, such as counterweight steel delivery to heavy-load manufacturers and offshore industries.

We aim to minimise the impact on our environment by using as much renewable energy as possible. We also try to maximise the use of railroad transports and recycle consumables and material when possible.

About Swebor

Swebor is a Swedish company with more than 30 years of experience.

Swebor armour is quickly distributed from stocks in many parts of the world, such as Sweden, Germany, UAE, China, Canada, Mexico, Ukraine, Australia and South Korea.

Swebor has extensive experience of corporation with suppliers, customers and other steel producers. As we are small and flexible, tailor-made grades and dimensions can be developed individually. Many leading armour steel brands have been heat treated with facilities such as SSAB, Ramor, Miilux, Protac, Acroni, Pro 500.

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Swebor Stål Svenska AB

Föreningsgatan 9

974 36 Luleå


+46 920 891 30 +46 920 609 78 www.swebor.se

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Swebor Stål Svenska AB

Föreningsgatan 9

974 36 Luleå


+46 920 891 30 +46 920 609 78 www.swebor.se

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