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Salute Targets (Salute) specialises in high-quality steel targets for military and law enforcement training operations.

High-quality steel targets for military tactical training

If you’ve ever been frustrated with the durability and lifespan of paper targets, you can relate with our founder, Col. Howard, who came up with the idea for Salute’s steel targets in the US Marine Corps while re-training the new Kuwaiti Army back in 1991. Typical paper targets did not hold up well in Middle East sandstorms, and our Arab allies weren’t thrilled with them either.

Col. Howard and a few other young marines who were familiar with the steel NRA Ram, Hog, Turkey and Chicken targets, thought to create some similar steel targets that were military related instead. Therefore, they made the original prototypes shaped like German Tiger and Russian T-34 Tanks.

And that’s how Salute Targets became the original military steel targets, literally ‘born in battle’ with the mission of meeting the needs of the US military in the Iraq War.

Salute Targets are ideal for military, police and private training environments.

Made with the highest quality steel metal, Salute Targets can receive the power and impact of your gun over and over, able to withstand adverse elements. They respond and reset on their own, saving you from going down range between rounds.

In addition to a longer life, Salute’s steel targets save time in training.

They’re easy to tear down and set up quickly, and we built them to pack and travel compactly too. You can get approximately three times as many rounds as when shooting with regular targets, because you don’t have to spend as much time setting them up or going down range.

This allows you to quickly advance and improve your shooting skills.

Salute Targets immediately confirm your shooting skills with the bullet’s plinking sound against the metal, to give you instant satisfaction and assessment of your performance.

Ours are the only steel targets built for protection and safety.

Because they are designed at a curve that deflects any bullet splatter to the ground safely and secure, you can train without without restraint or worry.

Our variety of targets allow you to train the range of skills you need.

Check out our most popular military targets:

Spartan Tactical

The Spartan comprises four targets in one, including the IPSC A-C zone shape and an additional three moving target zones. These primary areas can be aimed at using the Spartan’s AR500 steel plate base, which is laser-cut to match the shape of the IPSC A-C zone.

Double Tap Dueling Tree

Every circular steel paddle on Salute’s Dueling Tree Target flip back and forth when hit, helping you improve your aim, reflexes, planning, and shooting strategy. Dueling tree targets are compatible with an extensive calibre range.

Odin’s Eye

Odin’s Eye is a bullseye circle target comprising five sections. The centre and outer circle areas are divided into separate swing plates that can be aimed at independently.

Plate Rack

Salute’s Gravity Plate Rack is a reversible target designed to offer an increased lifespan, with one side for pistols and shotguns and the reverse for high-velocity carbines and rifles. The rack has been developed with a more effective hanging angle and gravity system, whereby the plate targets flip up when hit and are released back down by shooting a red reset plate.

Heimdal The Gatekeeper

Heimdal the Gatekeeper features a bullseye circle as a head, with an upper torso and a full figure, all of which are segmented into individual swing plates.

Thor’s Torso

The Thor’s Torso is a more challenging steel target for improving accuracy. It comes in the shape of a torso, with the centre, shoulder and lower torso arranged into individual swing plates that can be aimed at separately.

Pepper Popper

The Pepper Popper our two-thirds scale IPSC legal version of the humanoid steel target invented by John Pepper. Salute’s translation of this classic target has a spring loaded base and a more robust shape.

50 Cal Exploder German Tiger Tank

Salute’s German Tiger Tank Target was created to honor and emulate the intimidating tank it’s named after. As part of our Exploder Target line, you’ll be rewarded with a flash, cloud of smoke, and accompanying boom! And you control the size of the explosion with Sure Shot.

Salute Targets is named after the military gesture of honour.

Officially established in 2003, in between Col. Howard’s first and second combat tours in the Iraq War, Salute Target is incorporated as an American business, based near founder Col. Howard’s home in Portland, Oregon.

Salute Targets aims to deliver simplicity, original engineering, robust construction, and the essential element of fun, challenging, tactical training.

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