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Timoney High Mobility Vehicles - Armoured Personnel Carriers (APCs)

The Timoney Technology Group designs and develops armoured and soft skin vehicles and mobility sub-systems for military and commercial applications. This is mainly using their unique independent suspension technology. Timoney’s range of high mobility vehicles includes armoured personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles, combat support vehicles, heavy transporters, construction and engineering vehicles and airport crash fire rescue vehicles.

Timoney is actively involved in technology licensing and transfer programmes. Staff development and maximising local content are key in such programmes. The organisation provides complete vehicle, sub-system and component design services as well as vehicle dynamic analysis and vibration assessment to many world leading OEMs.


Originally developed and built for the Irish Army during 1975, The Timoney Armoured Personnel Carrier was chosen by the Belgian Government and assembled locally under licence. Further licence agreements and direct sales have resulted in deliveries to the UK, South America, Middle East. Africa and more recently the Far East.


In early 1999, Timoney Licensee ADI Ltd was awarded a contract to manufacture 350 infantry mobility vehicles for the Australian Defence Forces. Timoney's engineering staff ensured a smooth transfer of technology through extensive in-country support. The Bushmaster hull design provides high levels of ballistic and mine protection.

Outstanding mobility and crew comfort are achieved by use of a Timoney independent suspension system. The vehicle has been more recently selected by the Dutch military for peace keeping and internal security roles.


Commencing in 1994, Timoney was contracted by Singapore Technologies Kinetics to develop the power pack and drive train for the Bronco Attc. The system includes front and rear axles, an integrated transfer box and the track system final drive units.

Timoney has been the sole supplier of these components since the vehicle entered series production in 1999 following a contract award from the Singapore Defence Forces.


Timoney Technology developed a unique and innovative traction and suspension system for the unmanned Darpa UPI Crusher vehicle. The Timoney suspension ensures that the goals of extreme terrainability, fuel efficiency, and survivability are achieved to deliver the long-range capability required by unmanned vehicle missions.

The suspension has an unprecedented 800+mm of wheel travel and is equipped with full ride height control, and temperature and load compensation. The wheel hubs are driven by direct mounted traction motors and are equipped with a central tyre inflation system, which, when combined with the suspension afford Crusher unparalleled mobility in all terrains.

The Crusher vehicle has successfully completed a year of intense testing to fully assess its capability in a variety of terrains, weather conditions, and operational scenarios. It has demonstrated exceptional capability in the areas of mobility, reliability and automation.


The Terrex AV81 was initially developed in 2000 by Timoney Technology for Singapore Technologies Kinetics. Exceptional mobility and agility has been achieved using the Timoney double wishbone independent suspension system. The initial design utilised conventional coil springs shock absorbers but later variants have seen the introduction of hydro-pneumatic struts with real-time damping control. Adaptations have also been made to accommodate electric-hybrid drive systems.

The Terrex AV82 was publicly launched in 2005 equipped with a more advanced Timoney driveline and hydro-pneumatic suspension system. Development of this driveline involving new traction control systems and rear wheel steering continues.


Timoney independent suspension and driveline systems continue to be recognised internationally as the best in the field and world leading OEMs continue to rely on Timoney’s best in class expertise for solutions to their mobility problems.

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Timoney Armoured Personnel Carrier Timoney Armoured Personnel Carriers (APC) were originally developed and built for the Irish army during 1975.
Timoney AFV in water Timoney's double wishbone Independent Suspension System has been fitted to many light armoured vehicles (LAV) including the Bushmaster.
Terrex AV81 Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle The Terrex AV81 armoured infantry fighting vehicle has a modular top deck which allows the vehicle configuration to be changed rapidly.
Bronco all-Terrain Tracked Carrier The Bronco all-terrain tracked carrier includes front and rear axles, an integrated transfer box and the track system final drive units.
Blast defecting hulls from AFV's Timoney has developed a unique and innovative traction and suspension system for the unmanned Darpa UPI Crusher vehicle.
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