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Paramount Group is a world leader in defence and security innovation with an exceptional reputation for developing and delivering defence and aerospace solutions for land, sea and air. It is also a trusted provider of high-quality peacekeeping support services to sovereign governments around the world.

The group, based in Johannesburg, South Africa, was established in 1994 and prides itself on driving innovation in security and defence technologies. Its core expertise and reputation was built around the development of armour-protected vehicles. These foundations have expanded into peacekeeping support, correctional facilities, naval support services and aerospace.

Leading the way

In 2011, Paramount Group developed the ground-breaking advanced high performance reconnaissance light aircraft, which was the first fixed-wing military aircraft to be conceived, designed and built in Africa.

Paramount Group's six-wheeled troop carrier, the MBombe, was the first of its kind to offer all-round protection against rocket-propelled grenade attacks, improvised explosive devices and anti-tank mines.

Paramount Group is also one of the first companies in Africa to launch a portable production model, which enables Paramount Group's vehicles and aircraft to be manufactured in a client's own country under joint production agreements. This in turn boosts jobs, strengthens engineering and innovation, and drives economic growth.

Turnkey financial solutions

Paramount Group's unique approach to finance compliments its portable production model. The company enables clients to procure equipment and support packages with deferred, multi-year repayment terms.

This solution enables emerging economies to be able to able to afford state-of-the-art defence, peacekeeping and internal security solutions on a smaller budget in an austerity climate.

Market-leading peacekeeping solutions

As the leading defence equipment contractor for peacekeeping forces across Africa, Paramount understands the security, economic and political challenges faced by modern peacekeeping forces.

The company delivers world-class defence equipment and consultancy services to governments and peacekeeping missions around the world. Peacekeeping services and products range from armoured vehicles, aerospace support, and personnel equipment to command and communications systems. Paramount also understands the financial demands of building a peacekeeping force and offers a range of flexible funding options to ensure missions can be properly equipped.

Advanced internal security products

Paramount Group also offers modern, market-leading solutions for internal security challenges such as border patrol, counter terrorism and disaster management.

The company's internal security solutions include purpose-built armoured vehicles, personal protection and crowd control equipment, a large range of communications options and a ground-breaking light reconnaissance aircraft known as AHRLAC.

AHRLAC replicates the performance of drones and helicopters at a more affordable cost. The aircraft offers the following features:

  • Highly flexible form of 'clip-on-clip-off' payload system to allow quick transformation between operational roles
  • Can stay in the air for seven to 10 hours
  • Carries two passengers
  • Designed to carry out surveillance, policing, border / coastal patrol and anti-smuggling; armed patrol and counter insurgency operations; disaster relief and emergency supply to remote areas; and intelligence gathering

Other Paramount Group offerings include a selection of infrastructure programmes to support the development of police and correctional services capacities.

National defence solutions

Paramount Group works with sovereign national governments around the world, providing them with versatile and cost-effective defence solutions. With its heritage rooted in the land defence arena, Paramount Group is one of the world's leading manufacturers of armoured vehicles.

Paramount Group's range of available vehicles includes the Matador mine-protected vehicle. Its specifications include:

  • Crew of two plus twelve passengers
  • Mine Protection: triple anti-tank mine (21kg TNT) under any wheel. Double anti-tank mine (14kg TNT) under the hull (higher than STANAG 4569 Level 4a and 4b)
  • Ballistic protection: 7.62mm x 54mm RB 32 API & .50cal API (equivalent to STANAG 4569 level III)
  • Payload of 4,500kg
  • Various driveline, turret and weapon system options including 4x4 and 6x6 vehicle configurations

The company also produces the Marauder mine-protected vehicle. Its specifications include:

  • Crew of two plus eight passengers
  • Mine protection: double anti-tank mine (14kg TNT) under any wheel. Single anti-tank mine (7kg TNT) under the hull. (STANAG 4569 Level 3a and 3b)
  • Ballistic protection: 7.62mm x 54mm RB 32 API & .50cal API (equivalent to STANAG 4569 level III)
  • Payload of 5,000kg
  • Various driveline, turret and weapon system options including 4x4 and 6x6 vehicle configurations

In terms of internal security vehicles, Paramount manufactures the Maverick. Its specifications include:

  • Crew of two plus ten passengers
  • Ballistic protection: 7.62mm x 54mm RB 32 API & .50cal API (equivalent to STANAG 4569 level III)
  • Payload of 5,000kg
  • Various turret and weapon system options
  • Available in a water cannon configuration for riot control applications

Paramount Group's latest mine-protected vehicle is the Mbombe. Its specifications include:

  • Level IV ballistic protection
  • Level 4 mine protection
  • Level IV artillery attack protection
  • IED protection
  • Crew of two plus eight passengers
  • Can be fitted with the 30mm overhead weapon station or with a heavy machine gun or auto cannon
  • Is suitable for use in conventional war, non-conventional war and counter-insurgency operations
  • Can be equipped with a day / night vision capability and sensors to extend the ranges of observation

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