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Oxley has a total capability in the design and manufacture of LED lighting, night vision solutions and electronic components for land, sea and air platforms. Oxley's dedicated engineering personnel are supported by in-house prototype design, precision machining and assembly and test facilities enabling rapid project turnaround. From off-the-shelf components to customised lighting design, Oxley's solutions are proven in defence and commercial applications worldwide.

The company has facilities in both the UK and US. Quality approvals include BS EN 9100:2003, ISO 9001:2000 and UK MoD design authority approval.

LED lighting design and manufacture

With four decades' experience in LED design and manufacture, Oxley is a specialist in the development of new technology for vehicle and shelter applications. Oxley is a world leader in night vision lighting; the team pioneered the development of infra-red driving lights for military vehicle covert operations on NVGs and led the way with interior LED lighting solutions.

Oxley specialises in the production of LED indicators and interconnect products. The production of EMI filters is a long established area of the business and Oxley has extensive facilities dedicated to the design, prototype and production of discretes, ceramic planar arrays multi-way products for the removal of unwanted electro-magnetic interference from equipment.

LED lighting

Oxley has developed a wide range of LED lighting for vehicle and shelter applications to replace incandescent and fluorescent lighting in both retrofit and new build projects. The solutions are designed to be robust, rugged and designed with the military user in mind; the lights incorporate EMC compatibility and offer high sealing and high MTBF.

Universal products include combi lights, mini floodlights, and gooseneck lights.

Combi lights

Incorporating three lights in one unit, combi lights have main, blackout and emergency modes. Available in both AC and DC modes, they can be installed in any land platform with customised variations to suit specific requirements.

Mini LED floodlights

These small, compact LED lights are perfect for illuminating any area in military platforms where space and height is restricted. Available in NVG compatible and normal visible mode, they are perfect for vehicle installations.

Gooseneck LED lights

The gooseneck light incorporates state-of-the-art LED technology to provide a robust task light designed to meet the toughest military standards. High vibration and shock proof, the gooseneck comes with a secondary colour option, a straight or angled head and NVIS compatibility if required.

Vehicle lighting products

Oxley produces a comprehensive range of internal and external lighting for military vehicles in normal visible, NVG compatible, NVG Friendly and covert technology, with experience spread across night vision compatible upgrades to the provision of interior cabin lighting. Simple to install and with MTBF in excess of 50,000 hours, Oxley LEDs increase capability, enable safer operations and deliver significant through-life cost and energy savings compared with traditional vehicle light fittings.

External lighting:

  • Infra-red covert
  • Front headlight
  • Rear convoy

Internal lighting:

  • Visible
  • Mini floodlights
  • Area lighting
  • LED indicators

Night vision:

  • Area lighting
  • Mini floodlights
  • LED indicators
  • Floodlights
  • Instrument modifications
  • Optical filters

Shelter lighting products

Oxley has significant experience in the provision of robust, reliable LED lighting for shelters, with LED options for both hard and soft walled structures catering for all requirements with special features such as dimming control, colour options including warm or cold white and custom mounting fixtures. Low in profile, cost-effective to run and energy efficient, Oxley LED lighting is far superior to fluorescent lighting and is suitable for use in the following areas:

  • Tents and shelters
  • Military field hospitals
  • Tactical communications centres
  • Ground stations
  • Command posts
  • UAV control stations
  • Field storage containers

EFL lights for tents and shelters

The EFL series offers a highly reliable area lighting solution suitable for tents and shelters. Available in a range of sizes and AC and DC options, the lights have a low profile design providing increased work space with a rugged, solid state that ensures transportation and deployment without fear of failure. The lights are efficiently designed, requiring fewer units to light up a space and with a high MTBF they are a reliable 'fit and forget' option.

Data capture solutions

Oxley e-tag is a field-proven automatic identification technology (AIT) for equipment asset management applications. Assets fitted with an e-tag device deliver off-line critical asset information regardless of access to online information systems or geographic location.

Oxley e-tags are miniature, rugged contact memory devices containing 64KB of EEPROM non-volatile memory. Housed in small metal cans, the e-tag's memory can be manually read-from or written-to simply by holding a handheld probe to the unit. Both the e-tag and probe are passive devices requiring no battery or internal power source.

Features include:

  • Unique serial numbers for auto ID
  • On-chip password protection
  • Memory write protection
  • Error detection algorithms to minimise data corruption

e-tag devices can be mechanically or adhesively secured to assets and have passed stringent environmental qualification tests.

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