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VHF and UHF Communications Antennas for Military and Commercial Communications

TACO Antenna

TACO Antenna manufactures high-quality VHF and UHF communications antennas for both military and commercial applications.

Built for durability and reliability, TACO's wide range of antenna products are designed to meet the demanding requirements of the military, defence contractors and air traffic control systems worldwide.

VHF/UHF air traffic control and ground-to-air dipole antennas

The MULDIPOL™ Multiple Dipole Collinear Array concept has been specifically developed by TACO for ground-to-air, ground-air-ground, naval, air traffic control (ATC) and associated vehicular and base communications applications.

This omnidirectional model implements a unique method of shielding the feed cables to enhance radiation pattern characteristics. The MULDIPOL™ has a minimum of 30dB isolation between any two antenna elements in every MULDIPOL™ model.

The result is a small, rugged, easy-to-install antenna. Its low profile and the resulting decrease in the number of antennas required at any tower site also provide improved radiation pattern coverage.

Features include:

  • Rugged lightweight construction
  • Compact and portable
  • Combination of UHF and VHF
  • High-isolation between antenna elements
  • Metallic base
  • DC grounded dipoles

Models designed for military applications are lightweight and compact, making them suitable for tactical field missions in hostile environments.

TACO's MULDIPOL™ Civil Aviation (FAA) Model antennas are also commonly seen in most commercial airports across the US. The rugged FAA-focused D5000 Series is available in various arrays or single element varieties.

Shipboard variants feature a double clamp design, which increases stability in open sea installations, prompting use by Nato military forces / defence contractors worldwide.

UHF SATCOM helical antennas

TACO's circularly polarised high-gain fixed UHF SATCOM antennas are designed to withstand the severest of environmental conditions. Currently used by all divisions of the US Military and various defence contractors worldwide, TACO's helicals are an industry leading communication product.

The company's unidentified flying object (UFO) and mobile user objective system (MUOS) compatible helicals are solidly constructed using an aluminium mast and ground plane, with dielectric rods supporting the helix. No tools are needed to assemble its two-piece mesh ground plane.

Two mounting options allow for greater locational flexibility, and by using their electrical pan and tilt positioners, custom networks can be tailored to meet any requirements by controlling up to 12 antennas remotely.

TACO's high-gain UHF SATCOM portable antenna is designed for rapid deployment communications. The SAT-MP-320 covers the entire frequency band 240MHz to 400MHz with a peak gain of 11dBi.

This single-piece foldable antenna and tripod unit deploys in under 30 seconds with no additional parts. Built to military standards, this rugged yet small antenna includes a durable nylon carrying bag.

Its unmatched price and performance, adaptability and quick, easy deployment have earned approval from both the US Army and Navy.

Yagi antennas for point-to-point applications

TACO'S Y-Series five-element and ten-element ruggedized Yagi antennas are designed for point-to-point, two-way voice and data communications for ground-to-ground and ground-to-air communications.

By using multiple driven elements, the company's Yagis achieve high gain levels throughout their entire specified bandwidths.

A single TACO Yagi's operational band typically covers a frequency range that would require as many as three standard Yagis. Vertically polarized Y-Series models are furnished with a fibreglass mast designed for centre mounting. This reduces torque effects due to wind and helps to maintain the antenna's natural radiation pattern.

All Y-Series antennas are crafted from high-strength aluminium and utilise stainless-steel hardware for excellent corrosion-resistance. Each unit is furnished with an integrated 50?O N-Female connector and can mounting inline to a range of mast diameters from 1.5inOD to 3inOD, via a coupling.

TACO also offers high-frequency antennas for 802.11 wireless applications for both 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz frequency bands.

Ground plane coaxial stub antennas

TACO manufactures ground plane coaxial stub antennas for shipboard applications. They are vertically polarized and designed for the VHF and UHF communications bands.

With integrated naval pressure fitting and heavy-duty radials, these pressure-tested antennas have an Ingress protection rating IP68, designed to withstand the most challenging weather conditions. Protection against lightning is provided by grounding the stub's top section through the stainless-steel tie rod to the antenna ground plane.

TACO Antenna maintains a leadership position in the development and manufacturing of antenna systems by having the engineering capability and overall responsiveness to meet the unique requirements of our customers in an ever-changing world.

About TACO

TACO is a Canadian manufacturer located in southern Ontario with a sales office in Pennsylvania, US.

TACO began in the communications industry 75 years ago and is actively involved in ground-air-ground communications and tactical communications.

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