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Chemring Ordnance - 40mm Ammunition, Fuzing and Signals

Chemring Ordnance (formerly MEI) has provided superior training and live ammunition, fuzes and signals to the US Government for over 35 years and plans to continue to do so. Chemring Ordnance's product offerings include both low and high velocity 40mm ammunition, signaling ordnance and hand grenade fuzing. Chemring Ordnance is leading the way in the development of new 40mm ammunition and ordnance and is providing high-quality products that intend to protect the warfighter in the roughest of times.

40mm ammunition innovation

Chemring Ordnance's commitment to quality and innovation has resulted in the development and production of an extensive range of 40mm products, including:

  • M433I - improved LV 40mm grenade
  • M430I - improved HV 40mm grenade
  • HUNTIR (High-altitude unit navigated tactical Imaging Round) - 40mm LV camera round
  • M781 - LV 40mm training grenade
  • M918 - HV 40mm training grenade
  • M583 - LV 40mm signal illumination grenade
  • M585 – LV 40mm signal illumination grenade
  • M992 – LV 40 mm cartridge, IR parachute

Hand grenade fuzing

Chemring Ordnance has been the sole source for US Government hand grenade fuzing for the last 35 years, producing more than 100 million fuzes since 1968.

Illumination signals

Chemring Ordnance has produced various illumination signals in the last ten years, providing superior quality and delivery to the warfighter.

Ammunition production and testing facilities

Chemring Ordnance is a vertically integrated manufacturing and test facility, with over 1,000 acres of property which incorporates a wide range of processes, including the following:

  • Complete die casting and plating for zinc parts
  • Machine shops and prototype laboratory
  • Component parts painting / coating facility
  • Pyrotechnic and explosive materials blending and pressing operations
  • Automated assembly and inspection equipment
  • Instrumented 1,000m test range
  • Instrumented 30m IR test tunnel
  • 40mm LAP facility

Because of Chemring Ordnance's approach and vertical integration, we possess both the flexibility and expertise to develop new products and bring them to production in a rapid and effective manner.

Chemring Ordnance has the capacity to produce 40mm ammunition for both large and small customers. Chemring Ordnance is dedicated to only providing the highest quality ammunition, fuzing and pyrotechnics in the world.

Contact Details

Chemring Ordnance
10625 Puckett Road
Perry, Florida 32348
United States of America
Tel: +1 850 584 2634
Fax: +1 850 584 2044

Chemring Ordnance (formerly MEI) is a division of Chemring Group PLC.
Chemring Ordnance offers an extensive variety and range of 40mm products. Chemring Ordnance leads the way in the development of new 40mm ammunition and ordnance.
Chemring Ordnance has been the sole source for US Government hand grenade fuzing for the last 35 years.
Chemring Ordnance offers a wide variety of illumination and signaling rounds to better serve the warfighter.
Chemring Ordnance offers various low velocity (M781) and high velocity (M918) training rounds.
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